There’s More to College Life Than Classes. Get Involved!

Rainbow-colored arms raised with text that reads 'Get Involved'

As fall semester sets off, consider a few ways you can get involved both on-campus and in the Burlington community. You’ll be doing yourself a huge favor this year by taking advantage of the wonderful experiences that UVM and Burlington have to offer.

Whether you decide to join a campus club, apply for on-campus employment, volunteer at a local homeless shelter or hit up the Burlington Farmer’s Market on a crisp Saturday afternoon, you’ll be glad you did it. Although academics are of utmost importance at UVM, there is so much more to do while you’re here! Much of college learning occurs outside the classroom so be sure to take advantage of all the unique opportunities out there. The benefits of getting involved while in college are endless…

  • FUN! Getting involved in groups that share common interests, or attending activities put on by UVM can be fun. Simple as that.
  • NEW FRIENDS! Meet people and diversify your contacts and connections beyond the residence halls and classrooms.
  • DISCOVERY! Uncover hidden talents, strengths or passions.
  • DIRECTION! You may find a new career interest that will lead you in a fresh direction.
  • COMMUNITY! Feel more connected with both our campus community and the wider Burlington community.

Now, log-off your computer and go find something to do that excites you. A great place to start is at ActivitiesFest, Wednesday, September 3, from 10-3 pm. Hope to see you there!


Becoming the Author of Your Story

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The UVM Career Center is pleased to welcome students back to campus, including those joining us for the first time, and want you to know that we are here to empower you towards personal successes and growth in the year ahead.

Throughout the year, the Career Center has many resources available to support your career development including a robust website, an off-campus job and internship database exclusively for UVM students and alums, workshops, large events, drop-in hours and scheduled appointments.

One resource you are strongly encouraged to begin using early and re-visit often is the 4 Year Plan for Career Success. The 4 Year Plan was designed with you in mind- a road map to guide you through successful career development during your UVM journey. Simply identify the plan affiliated with your current class year and begin personalizing your own goals and strategies.

In addition to these options, we hope you will find this blog informative, educational, relevant and fun. We strive to cover a wide variety of topics with a rotating cast of authors bringing their unique takes on important career conversations.

Ultimately, you should know that there is an entire campus community here to cheer you on as you blaze your path here at UVM. Take courses that excite you, join organizations that align with your values and create networks of people who motivate and challenge you. Here’s to a wonderful year!

~Ashley Michelle