Using the STAR Method in an Interview

Over the last few years, we’ve written various posts about the interview process and how to best prepare for such a daunting step within the job search. However, the one thing we haven’t discussed is the importance of learning and practicing the STAR method, so you’re probably asking yourself; what do we mean by the […]

Make Yourself Shine Online!

So you found your dream job.  You spent hours editing your resume and cover letter to perfection, and you scored an interview.  You don your finest dress outfit, arrive early, and ace the interview with your professionalism, knowledge, and inquisitive questions.  You know you are the perfect candidate for the position, and the employer knows […]

Don't Forget to Say Thanks!

So you passed the interview stage.  Now what?? Send a thank you message within a few days of the interview. In addition to being courteous, a thank you demonstrates enthusiasm, reiterates interest in a position, and provides another shot at selling yourself for the job.  Plus it demonstrates strong communication skills! It’s always beneficial to […]

Savvy Seniors: Finish Strong

Seniors: Are you seeing the light at the end of the tunnel? As Spring appears and graduation nears, it’s time to dust off your motivation and get geared up for the final push of your college career. Advice abounds for college seniors, but here are three tried and true secrets to success in the world […]

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