Informational Interviewing for Beginners

Not sure how to learn about potential career fields? Start setting up informational interviews! What are informational interviews? They are formal conversations you set up with people who are in one of your fields of interest. During these meetings, you will have the opportunity to ask a professional questions about their job and their career, […]

Now What?

The UVM Job Fairs are over for this academic year. Whether you attended the fair or not, here are your next steps on the journey to gain career experience: If you attended the fair: Send a simple email thank you to employers you met. Assess what you learned about your interests and skills and what […]

Top 5 Reasons To Attend the Spring Job Fair

Bigger is Better! This is the biggest Job Fair in UVM’s history!  124 organizations are coming to campus to meet YOU.  It is the closest you will get to someone knocking on your door with an opportunity!  Come talk to people who are hiring and learn about their work culture and opportunities. Now IS the […]

Savvy Seniors: Want to Join the Team?

How to Interview like a Pro: Tips from a Local Recruiter For most people, an interview creates a lot of stress and anxiety—it is an intimidating way to make a great first impression. For most employers though, the goal of inviting an applicant in for an interview is to get to know them. It’s a […]

Preparing for Successful Interviews

Whether you are going through the interview process for a first time or fiftieth time, the interview is an intimidating process. As a student and active job seeker, I have found interviews to be the most troublesome. Not knowing what lies on the other side of the door or phone call is the scariest part […]

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