To Go or Not to Go: Considering Graduate School

There are lots of reasons why people choose to go to graduate schools and pursue advanced degrees.  Deciding to go is a complex decision that involves the outlook for increased earnings and deepened learning in a field of study.  Although there are a plethora of reasons why to go, we’ll explore a few good reasons […]

Navigating Your Way to the Right Law School

Finding the right law school can be a daunting task. You must weigh the costs and benefits of earning a J.D. as well as determine what will make your law school experience fulfilling. Examine the following important areas: Evaluate specialty, experience and training opportunities Specialized courses, clinics and professional skills training opportunities tailored to your […]

Savvy Seniors: Let’s get Started

Welcome back Seniors! It’s here, Senior Year, your final year at UVM. Surprising how quickly time has gone by? Your Senior Year is sure to be the same: a blur of homework assignments and social activities that’s over before you know it. However you measure it, or choose to spend it, time is passing.  It’s […]

World of Work: Deanna Cameron ’91, Ronald MacDonald House Charities

Deanna Cameron ‘91 Program Coordinator Ronald MacDonald House Charities – Burlington, VT Major: Social Work What motivates you to go to work everyday? I’ve always been someone who needs to really believe in the cause that I’m working for, so that personal connection to the cause is a huge motivation for me. My niece […]

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