Fulbright Submission for September 18 UVM Deadline

Information Sheet for Internal Submission of Fulbright Applications

This information sheet covers the procedures around the first application deadline of September 18, 2009. Early in October, we will circulate another set of instructions involving the final submission of your Fulbright application for the final October 19 deadline.

Please follow these instructions to the letter. We have many applicants this year and it is important that everyone submits in the same way and following the same procedure.

1. By the end of the day on September 18, make sure you’ve completed all parts of the Embark application and hit the SUBMIT button.

(It is important that you know that when you “Submit” you are submitting to our office, not to the Fulbright office in New York. And we can “unsubmit” your application any time up to October 19 so that you can have it back to make corrections. We can do this an unlimited number of times if necessary . . . until the external deadline of October 19. Well before October 19, you will have hit SUBMIT for the last time, and all the applications will be on our Embark screens. We will then hit our “Submit” button, which sends everything to New York.)

2. By the end of the day on September 18, make sure that all the hardcopy documents that need to accompany your specific application (which can be any of the following: transcripts, language evaluations, letters of affiliation, samples of creative work) are delivered to our office in U-Heights North in a single envelope marked clearly with your name and “Fulbright Competition.”

3. For the internal competition, all your recommenders should be submitting their letters to our offices online. But in the event that one or more of your recommenders mistakenly assumes that, at this point, you need a sealed hard copy of their letter, please pick it up and bring it in with your materials—it won’t be a problem and it will preclude things becoming more confusing for you or your recommender.

4. Once we have your application, the UVM Fulbright committee will be reviewing it and then interviewing you in a 15-minute interview between the dates of September 23 and October 2. We will be scheduling that interview with you in the next few days. The committee will be asking questions at that interview arising from your application.

A final note that deadlines are not negotiable, nor will there be a lot of flexibility in our interview schedule. It will be very important that you check your email frequently and that, when necessary, we hear back from you in a timely manner. All emails from us will have the word “Fulbright” as the first word of the subject heading.

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