Prepare for your Fulbright Interview

The University of Vermont campus deadline for Fulbright Grants has come and gone. The next stage of the process will be a campus review of the applications, which includes an interview with the University of Vermont Fellowships Committee. It’s important to prepare in advance for the on-campus interview; get plenty of rest the night before […]

Fall ’09 Fulbright Interviews

Fulbright Interviews – Fall 2009 Room 034 E – U-Heights North (Honors College Conference Room) It is imperative that you be on time for your interview. We cannot reschedule interviews to meet your course schedule unless you have something truly pressing (an exam—that’s about it). If you need our office to send a note to […]

Instructions for Fulbright Recommenders

The Fulbright competition is a particularly complex one for our office: the Fulbright office requires both online and hard copy applications and it necessitates that our office at UVM act as the clearinghouse for what amounts to hundreds of documents from the many (over twenty this year) applicants we have for Fulbright grants. For this […]

On the Eve of the Campus Deadline: Tips to Clean Up Your Fulbright Application

As more students stop by the Fellowships Office asking for feedback on their third, fourth, or fifth Fulbright application draft, more students are getting feedback that says something like, “Clean it up and you’re good to go.” There’s good news and bad news when you get that comment: The good news is you’re only one […]

Fulbright Submission for September 18 UVM Deadline

Information Sheet for Internal Submission of Fulbright Applications This information sheet covers the procedures around the first application deadline of September 18, 2009. Early in October, we will circulate another set of instructions involving the final submission of your Fulbright application for the final October 19 deadline. Please follow these instructions to the letter. We […]

Very helpful tips for Fulbright applicants

Here are some wonderfully useful tips from a former Fulbright recipient for those of you putting together a Fulbright application this fall: TIPS TO OFFER FULBRIGHT CANDIDATES by Radha Blackman, 2003-2004, Bulgaria After carefully researching and planning a relevant, feasible and rewarding Fulbright project, the next important step is producing persuasive and high quality documents […]

Writing Personal Statements

Doug Cutchins of Grinnell College, a colleague of mine, put together a wonderfully helpful document on writing personal statements. He’s generously made it available for the rest of us fellowships advisors to share with our students. So here it is, one of the most helpful discussions I’ve seen on the personal statements all fellowship candidates […]