Anthropology Students Present their Work at the UVM Student Research Conference

Several anthropology students presented their work at the UVM Student Research Conference, including one interviewed by NPR.

Ariadne Argyros, A Stylistic Analysis of Middle Kingdom Faience Hippopotami Statuettes (Advisor: Scott Van Keuren)

Liz Cheli, How Ethnography Informs the Study of Archaeological Pottery Production (Advisor: Scott Van Keuren)

Catherine Dey, Mayan, Mimbres, and Moche: Human Representation in Prehistoric Pottery (Advisor: Scott Van Keuren)

Leyla Dickason, Ceramic Volume Measurements: A Comparative Analysis (Advisor: Scott Van Keuren)

Molly Duff, Would I Eat This? Negotiating Boundaries of Risk and Service in the Kitchen (Advisor: Teresa Mares)

Rebecca Friedlander, Illuminating the Past: Exploring the Use of Luminol on Ancient Southwestern Pottery (Advisor: Scott Van Keuren)

Darnell Holmes, Flint Knapping Process and Use-wear Analysis (Advisor: John Crock)

Lily Kim, The Coiling Technique and Jomon Period (Advisor: Scott Van Keuren)

Julia Lees, Making Entomophagy a Reality: Investigating Optimal Growth Conditions for Tenebrio molitor (mealworms)(Advisor: Victor Izzo)

Hayley Malloy, Trifling With Typology (Advisor: Scott Van Keuren)

Masha Nazarko, Looter\’s Place in Archaeology (Advisor: Scott Van Keuren)

Eileen Parks, A Cross-Cultural Examination of Funerary Pottery (Advisor: Scott Van Keuren)

Haley Parry, Looted pottery and its Effects on American Archaeology (Advisor: Scott Van Keuren)

Helena Rainville, The influence access to other resources and distance from the community had on the choice of clay resource locations (Advisor: Scott Van Keuren)

Gabriela Sarriera, Outdated Legal Barriers to Health in Rwanda (Advisor: Laura Hill)

David Waller, Inside Jokes: An Analysis of Mythological Depictions on Pottery and Ceramics (Advisor: Scott Van Keuren)

Nian Wan, Autoethnography as Reflexive Method: Insights into Preparing an Advanced Directive as a Chinese Woman with a Disability (Advisor: Richard Pinckney)

Cara Zhuang, Home as an Aging Place: An Ethnography of Community-Dwelling Elders in Shanghai (Advisor: Jeanne Shea)

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