Catherine Lang on “Why Anthropology?”

Catherine Lang (Anthropology, Class of 2016)

CathyLangI study Anthropology because I am a natural-born observer. I am fascinated with how the relation of space and place influence human interaction. Anthropology and Geospatial Technologies act as a way to visually understand modern human and environmental interaction. Material culture and archaeology allow for the study of the modern human providing critical observation and analysis of why we are the way we are.

My four-field training in Anthropology at UVM has prepared me well for a position in which I am asked to think critically and closely examine the nuances of human culture. I am particularly interested in engaging with material culture to better understand how consumers make decisions to purchase certain commodities. My training in both GIS techniques and in archaeology gives me a special perspective on the way in which humans interact with objects in their environment. I believe this is vital in understanding the societal impacts and inherent cultural beliefs surrounding human consumer motivations. I am interested in better understanding the relationship between lived and material culture. Specifically, I would like to examine human relationships with their built environments and how material goods are pivotal in influencing everyday interactions and contribute to establishing a sense of space, place, and identity.


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