Congratulations and Best Wishes to Dr. Parker VanValkenburg

Parker VanValkenburgh’s co-authored article with Sarah Kennedy entitled “Zooarchaeology and Changing Food Practices at Carrizales, Peru Following the Spanish Invasion” was accepted for publication in the International Journal of Historical Archaeology. He is also a co-author on the article “Sherds on the Edge: Characterisation of 16th Century Colonial Spanish Pottery Recovered from the Solomon Islands,” with Sarah Kelloway, Timothy Ferguson, Javier G. Iñañez, Cody C. Roush, Martin Gibbs and Michael D. Glascock, which will be published in the next issue of the journal Archaeometry.

In April, Parker presented two presentations at the Society for American Archaeology annual meetings in San Francisco — ” Gardens and Forking Paths: A Genealogy of Landscape and Subject Formation in the Zaña Valley, Peru” and ”Architecture in Negative: Mapping Social Space at Carrizales, Peru Using Low Altitude Aerial Photography and Photogrammetry,” with Mark Willis and Chester P. Walker.

Parker will be leaving UVM at the end of May to join the department of Anthropology at Brown University as an Assistant Professor. He is deeply grateful for the support of colleagues, students, and friends in the UVM department of anthropology for what has been a truly wonderful two years on campus.

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