Hyper Archaeology: Time Traveling Around the World in 60 Minutes!

UVM archaeologists and their colleagues working around the globe come together to share their research in short presentations in rapid succession. In the first of its kind on campus, the UVM Anthropology Department organized a “mini-conference” to celebrate the diversity of archaeological inquiry in time and space. Ten archaeologists lead a tour at top speed Thursday, February 26th at 6: pm in 403 Davis.
John Crock, UVM: PreColumbian Eastern Caribbean
Scott Van Keuren, UVM: Ancestral Pueblos, American Southwest
Parker VanValkenburgh, UVM: Indigenous Colonial Peru
Christopher Wolff, SUNY Plattsburgh: Prehistoric Newfoundland and Labrador
Josalyn Ferguson, UVM/University at Albany: Ancient Maya, Belize
David Tuchener, UVM/Flinders University of South Australia: Indigenous Historical Archaeology of central northern Cape York, Australia.
Jess Robinson, University at Albany/VT Division for Historic Preservation: PreContact northeastern North America
Shayna Lindquist, UVM: Prehispanic Matacanela, Veracruz, Mexico
Cullen Black, UVM/Syracuse University: Bioarchaeology of the African Diaspora, Guatemala
Emily Donaldson, McGill University: Prehistoric Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia

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