Parker VanValkenburg’s Recent Talks and Papers

Parker VanValkenburgh’s co-authored article “Gradiometer and Ground-penetrating Radar Survey of Two Reducción Settlements in the Zaña Valley, Peru” (with Chester P. Walker and Jennie O. Sturm) will be published in the journal Archaeological Prospection in early 2015.

Parker has also delivered three talks in recent weeks — at the American Anthropological Association annual meetings (12/4/2014) “Unsettling Subjects: Strategies of Amnesia and Tactics of Remembrance in Colonial Peru;” at the Australian Archaeological Association annual meetings (remotely on 12/2/2014) “Putting FAIMS (Federated Archaeological Information Management System) to use in Coastal Peru;” and at the workshop Artifacts as Evidence: The Material Record of Politics, at Washington University in St. Louis (10/31/2014), ““To See and Be Seen: Towards an Archaeology of Scopic Regimes.”

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