Two Anthropology Professors Get Competitive College of Arts and Sciences Awards

Each year the College of Arts and Sciences provides up to five Faculty Research Support Awards (FRSA), including one Joan Smith Award for research that addresses, illuminates or seeks to ameliorate a pressing issue of social injustice.  This year we are proud to announce that Anthropology actually got two of the awards.

Emily Manetta received a  Faculty Research Support Award for her project Vanishing Syntax: Question formation in Romani and the role of endangered languages in linguistic theory. She will investigate question formation processes in the language Romani as part of a larger project in Indic comparative syntax.

Teresa Mares earned the Joan Smith Award and a Faculty Research Support Award to support the first stages of a multi-year ethnographic project on the food practices of Latino/a migrant workers in Vermont’s dairy industry. Through this study, she will work to develop baseline data on the incidence of food insecurity among these workers and will conduct in-depth interviews to better understand the practices and strategies that migrant households engage to access food.

Congratulations to the both of them!

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