New Publications Forthcoming for Scott Matter

Scott Matter has two book chapters forthcoming:

Debating belonging on contested land: cultural politics and territoriality in rural Kenya,” in Negotiating Territoriality: Spatial Dialogues between State and Tradition. Allan Charles Dawson, Laura Zanotti, and Ismael Vaccaro, (eds), Routledge (forthcoming 2013-2014)

Diversifying Maasai diversification: Macro-level factors and contrasting livelihood pathways in contemporary Kenya. Rural Economies and Livelihoods in the Twenty-first Century: Local Perspectives on Processes of Change, Deborah Sick (ed), Routledge ISS Studies in Rural Livelihoods Series. London and New York: Routledge Press. Co-authored with Caroline Archambault and John Galaty. (forthcoming, January 2014)

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