Salmon Hole Phenology

A Study of Salmon Hole Through the Seasons

October 21st Visit (Gallery)

October 21, 2018 by aesherma

A cottonwood, a beaver favorite, that has been chewed on.

A view of Salmon Hole from the end of the trail.

Some very dry burs.

A lone seagull flying overhead.

Trees that have stunted their growth sideways. EDIT: After observing seasonal flooding at Salmon Hole, I now know these trees become submerged and the flow of the water forces them to grow this way.

Panorama of the small bay with the dam in the distance.

A pool of water which I initially thought was something like a vernal pool. These pools actually form when flooding recedes and some water stays in lower areas on the rock.

The changing leaves on the trees in late fall.


A fisherman leaving with his dog after fishing for some time.

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