Salmon Hole Phenology

A Study of Salmon Hole Through the Seasons

October 21st Visit: Beavers, Snow, and the Changing Leaves

Today’s visit involved a long walk around the entire site, looking for changes and signs of wildlife. I didn’t see much wildlife, though with today’s temperatures in the high 30s, cloudy skies, and some light snow, I can’t blame the animals for not coming out.

I did spot a lone gull flying around, however it was flying too high to identify further. Also observed was some work the local beavers have been doing on a cottonwood on the shore of the Winooski, along with an older stump nearby from another tree previously felled by beavers. Later during the same visit I observed some squirrels, likely preparing for the long winter ahead.


The most noticeable change at the site was, of course, the changing color of the leaves. Most trees have begun to change, leaves slowing chlorophyll production and revealing the carotenoid yellow beneath. At the moment, the majority of leaves are yellow, few if any are red or brown. Some plants, mainly shrubs and vines, remain mostly green at the moment.

After walking around and making observations, I sat down to draw a bird’s eye sketch of the area. I will be posting that map separately.

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