WordPress Upgrade

UVM Blogs (blog.uvm.edu) has been upgraded to the latest version of WordPress.  Some highlights:

  • The media manager has been overhauled and is much, much better and easier to use.  Want to add a bunch of images to a post?  Just drag them all at once from your hard drive into the media manager and tell it to include them.  Want to include multiple photo galleries in a post? Just choose which images you want, and sort them however you want by dragging and dropping.
  • You can now embed content from SoundCloud, SlideShare, and Instagram, just like you already could with a number of video and photo sharing sites in the past.  Simply copy the URL for the page with your content onto a line by itself, and WordPress will figure out how to embed it for you.
  • New sites no longer have a Links section, since few people keep a blogroll anymore.
  • A couple preferences have moved to different screens than before. However, I think they’ve moved to more intuitive places anyway, so with luck you won’t even notice. 🙂

If you encounter problems or have questions, just let SAA know and we’ll see what we can do.

Published by Scott Dellinger

Senior system administrator at The University of Vermont. I run webmail, blogs, and other web apps.

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