Known issues

The new is starting to get migration requests.  We’ve installed a couple plugins SAA people wanted, installed a theme I wanted, and fixed a couple issues.  We still know about:

  • user account creation is not yet working for non-UVM people.  I have a fix, but it requires some testing before I can roll it out.
  • There seems to be a sporadic issue when a blog owner adds new users to a blog who don’t already have accounts.  I’m not yet sure what triggers the issue.
  • We need to install some more useful plugins and themes, and we need one or a couple UVM-looking themes.
  • NetID authentication does not yet work with the XML-RPC publishing interface.
  • look into “delete blog” behavior since it tells the user it removes the account as well

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Scott Dellinger

Senior system administrator at The University of Vermont. I run webmail, blogs, and other web apps.

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