Here’s a Neat Thing

Here’s a Neat Thing

We just received this little gizmo in the mail the other day, and wanted to pass it along. It’s a fence flag to mark electric wire. Just clip the flag onto the electric wire (a red wire piece illustrates it in the picture), and the flag will wave around. You squeeze on the clip to open it, so it’s adjustable for many different types of wire. Pretty neat, and you can take them off much more easily than the orange tape so often wound around wire to make it visible to animals and neighbors.


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  1. MOM & POP PRODUCTS CO. says:

    Thanks for the compliment for our FENCE-FLAG product, to make existing wire or cordage fences visible & safer at a distance for domestic livestock, wildlife, and humans (especially off road ATV). Anyone interested in a free sample? Visit our web site, we’d be happy to send one out.

    Dolores B. Kaleta, C.E.O.


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