We’re Back and It’s Turkey Time

It’s been a busy fall for the Pasture Program, and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m behind on posting the many pictures and notes taken on pasture walks and workshops this summer. I look forward to sharing those summer experiences with you as the cold weather draws on. We also have some great news about the Winter Grazing project, which I’ll share in future posts, as well.

Initial information about the 13th Annual VT Grazing Conference is available at the VPN web site’s conference page. Our keynote speaker this year will be Dr. Darrell Emmick. We are excited about the changes we’re adding, and hope you will be pleased, too.

It’s just a week before Thanksgiving, and a friend sent me this link to MSNBC streaming video. It’s an interview with Alaska governor Sarah Palin, after she officially “pardoned” the Thanksgiving Turkey. It’s not meant as poltical statement on my behalf, but because I know quite a few of you will identify with the action taking place just over Gov. Palin’s shoulder…

You may need to click on the picture of Gov. Palin on the left of the web page to select the correct video.




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