On Tuesday I showed the class 18 minutes of selects from some interviews I have done in relation to my current project, END OF LOVE. I benefited from watching it with them. And I asked them to write down any moments that particularly struck them. When I collected the cards, the first thing I saw was a comment that said, “I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what this has to do with this class.”  And, it got me thinking.  I’m interested in process, in how work is developed. I think two of the most important characteristics of good filmmaking are: 1) asking for feedback and 2) responding to feedback. So, what did this have to do with class? Modeling. Asking for feedback. And, using students as colleagues who have a lot of experience. There were several other comments that interested me.  Several people had some technical feedback, stuff I agree with – like the reflection in the pediatrician’s glasses is distracting, and some of the shots were not perfect.  Yup,  know that!  And, the beauty of filmmaking is that I can still use that material for the verbal content and have different visuals on top. Another comment asked what the purpose was. Well, fortunately that’s pretty fleshed out in the proposal we submitted tonight, and this footage acts as support, not an example of the final piece. Ultimately what I want to model is the fact that any work we do is a process. It takes time, thought, feedback and patience. Below is what we slammed out – along with our proposal – today.  It’s not perfect at all. But, it starts to get at what we’re interested in and it introduces potential funders to our characters. There’s a lot of work to do. Thank you for being the FIRST responders to this project! You can click the link below to see what we culled.  It’s still long, but for the immediate purpose, it’s OK. There are some timing problems, and the effects on the still images are a bit drastic 🙂 We look forward to evolving our presentation!

END OF LOVE our characters


A friend commented once that video I was shooting tended not to have people in it.  And, it’s funny.  While I am passionate about using documentary material to explore human behavior, when I shoot casually – for fun? – I lean toward abstraction.  I’m thinking about this a bit these days.  Maybe I’ll answer soon.

By the way, I don’t think the first shot goes well… I’ll post again later with 3 that go together.  Why doesn’t it?  Higher contrast, etc., etc., etc… anyway, it looks out of place.  But, two is not enough.  Just a thought!

Welcome FTS 142 Spring 2013!

I’m looking forward to starting to work together next week.  Once everyone creates their own WordPress site, I will link them together and we’ll be able to see each others work throughout the semester.

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