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FTS Internship Information

Academic Internships in Film and Television Studies

Posted: November 7th, 2012 by Deb

An academic internship focuses on academic and on-site work. In order to get academic credit for an internship you will need to demonstrate competency in your position, as well as intellectual curiosity about the work or the nature of the work done at the internship. An FTS academic internship seeks to merge the applied with the theoretical or the intellectual.

The on-site experience is arranged by the student. The FTS Internship Supervisor, Deb Ellis, is available to help direct students to resources to help locate internships. UVM’s Office of Career Services is another excellent source of information. The internship must be related in describable ways to the field of Film and Television Studies.

Ideally, students interested in pursuing an internship for academic credit will have completed all the on-site arrangements for their internship well before the semester begins, but definitely before the end of the add/drop period of the fall or spring semester. As with any course in the department, students will be denied registration to the internship after the add/drop period has ended.

Note: The department does not offer internship credit in the summer. Instead, a student wishing to do their on-site internship work in the summer will sign up for fall internship credit during the spring pre-registration. Once the application for the academic credit is approved by the instructor, the student will do their on-site work in the summer and complete the internship course (the academic part of the internship) in the fall semester.

FTS Program Guidelines for all students interested in internship credit:

  • Have Junior or Senior status at the time of the internship.
Be able to demonstrate the relevance of the internship to Film and Television Studies
  • Have completed 4 FTS courses at the level of 100 or higher
Have a minimum GPA of 2.5
  • Have an academic sponsor/adviser who is a member of the Department faculty
Submit the internship proposal to the FTS Internship Supervisor, Deb Ellis, during the pre-registration period or by the second Friday of the semester (before the end of the add/drop period).

The internship proposal consists of two things: the form (which follows – please print it and fill it out) and a written proposal.

The written proposal must:

1) Explain the specific nature of the on-site work to be done and how it is related to the
field of Film Studies.
2) Explain the nature of the academic work that will comprise the written work for the internship. (Typically, a student will keep a journal focusing on the internship experience as well as submit an 8-10 page analytic or argumentative essay on the experience, all of which is submitted to their Departmental advisor for evaluation).

According to College rule, a student is allowed to take up to 12 internship credits.

A 3-credit internship (a typical internship) will normally involve 10-15 hours/week of on-site work through the semester as well as regular meetings with your Departmental advisor and the submission of all written materials as outlined in your proposal.

Please see the College of Arts and Sciences Internship Policy for additional information.  http://www.uvm.edu/artsandsciences/foruvmstudents/?Page=acad_resources/aple/apleinpolicy.html


Posted: March 31st, 2012 by Deb

Actuality Media is a media organization that takes film students on outreaches to developing communities to create short documentaries. On each outreach a crew of four students – Director, Editor, Producer, Cinematographer – spends 30 days researching, writing, shooting and editing a short documentary about a changemaker in the area. These changemakers are social entrepreneurs, nonprofits, NGO’s, and others whose works the world needs to hear about, and whose views and location will give participants a greater view of the world as a whole. This year we are especially happy to have established a new relationship with Ashoka which will bring our crews together with Ashoka Fellows on our upcoming Costa Rica outreach.

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