Dr. Kristian Brevik!

Kristian is also an artist, primarily working at the convergence of art+science+activism to bring awareness to all of the voiceless creatures that are becoming endangered.

We are very excited to congratulate Kristian Brevik for finishing his Ph. D. thesis titled, “Rapid evolution in agroecosystems: Transposable elements and epigenetics in the Colorado potato beetle”.

Kristian has been using genome resequencing to examine the genomic patterns associated with rapid adaptive change in CPB, primarily focused on how insecticides affect transposable elements and DNA methylation.

In addition, Kristian is gaining recognition as an artist. In both art and science, he aims to bring focus to the ” the ways interactions shape species, often about the interactions between humans and other-than-humans.”

To see his artwork, visit his website: http://www.kristianbrevik.com/ or follow him on Twitter @KristianBrevik

Kristian’s next steps are to continue charting his own course in navigating art+science+activism.

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