We are now on Twitter and Instagram…

Follow our lab adventures this summer on Instagram and Twitter! We are active this year in US, Mexico, and Canada.

Lab Instagram: @InsectAgroEco
Twitter: @Yolanda_H_Chen

  • Jorge Ruiz-Arocho will spend the next 6 months studying if arthropod diversity differs between crops and their wild relatives in Mexico.
  • Elisabeth Hodgdon and Andrea Swan will be working in Vermont and Canada studying pheromone mating disruption for swede midge.
  • Chase Stratton is studying the possibility of managing swede midge using a push-pull system.
  • Kristian Brevik (absent) will be exploring the “geography’ of transposable elements in the genome of the Colorado potato beetle (CPB).
  • Erika Bueno is starting geographic Colorado potato beetle colonies as she begins as Ph. D. student this fall.
  • Emma Schoeppner is studying if different ground covers can reduce swede midge success.
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