Celebrating student research at the UVM Student Research Conference

One of our undergraduate lab members, Sam Zuckerman, will be presenting the results of his research today at the UVM Student Research Conference (SRC). Although his presentation may be only 15 minutes long, each slide represents hours of learning, lab and field work, and data analysis. Sam has been a valuable member of our lab group, working behind the scenes to help maintain our swede midge colony and tackling important issues in swede midge management. Today Sam presents the results of his work with swede midge, titled “Developing damage and action thresholds for swede midge–an invasive pest of brassicas.”

Sam successfully defended his undergraduate thesis last week. Congratulations, Sam! As part of Sam’s research, he developed an economic threshold for swede midge, which allows for growers to make informed management decisions based on field population levels.

IMGP4678           SamSRC (1)



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