About the UVM Womxn in STEM Network

Welcome to our blog! First, a little about ourselves: we are a student led group at UVM with a focus on gender equality in the STEM fields. We started as two separate groups in 2018 from Chemistry and RSNER and joined forces in 2019 to develop the UVM Womxn in STEM Network!

Our mission is to connect students at the University of Vermont and to support diversity in STEM fields at all levels of education, including undergradute, graduate, and postdoctoral. Additionally, we aim to address and discuss issues for underrepresented groups in STEM, hold meetings to improve professional skills, and form a community that is inclusive of all gender identities that support equality in STEM. We aspire to foster a connection between students in our group and industry in the greater Burlington area.

We have engaged in career building and professional events, such as mock interviews, resume building workshops, and webinars. Additionally, we have met with female seminar speakers who have visited UVM.

We have organized an ran community building events as well! From science experiments with a local girl scout troop, to potlucks, pizza parties, and our own cheese and juice paint & sip.

We wanted to start this blog to highlight the work of UVM STEM students from all gender identities, and historical women scientists. If you would like to be interviewed or know of anyone in the UVM community that you think deserves to be featured, or if if there is a scientist you think deserves recognition, email us at women.in.stem@uvm.edu or drop us a comment!

Follow us on Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/UVM.Women.in.STEM) or subscribe to our email list at women.in.stem@uvm.edu for updates on events.

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