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How Do *You* Spell “Shutdown”?

With so much (*ahem*) “excitement” in Washington this week, it’s little wonder opportunists would seize the moment and go on a domain-registration spree, seeking to capitalize on interest in these topics of nationwide scope. The incident handlers at the Internet Storm Center (sponsored by SANS) posted an entry to their Diary today entitled:

Obamacare related domain registration spike, Government shutdown domain registration beginning

Of course, not all of the activity referenced in that post will manifest as scams, but it’s worth keeping an eye out for variations on 0bamacare.com and federalshutdown.gov.premline.ru just the same. (I’m making those up; I haven’t seen the source data mentioned in the article, though would like to.)

Fitting that this should happen just in time for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, eh?


Stay safe online,

Sam Hooker, for the Information Security Operations Team

P.S.: I’d call dibs on 0bamacare.com but, predictably, it’s already been registered…

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