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Is it ever okay to share my password?

One’s UVM password must never be shared with anyone — not even with trusted family members, the boss, or information technology personnel.  Our passwords protect our personal information and assets, and because we’re each responsible for all use of our accounts, keeping the passwords secret protects us from any liability for others’ actions.  Please report any attempt to obtain your password to the ISO Team at iso@uvm.edu.

Some UVM Net-ID accounts are provided for departments and recognized organizations.  While a carefully controlled small group of people may know the password to such an account, each person is responsible for all use of the account.   The password must be changed immediately when any member of the group leaves or changes roles.  Department accounts are sometimes used for managing external social media, such as Facebook and Twitter; the Social Media University Operating Procedure spells out registration and management of those account and passwords.

Additional Resources:

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Dean Williams is UVM's information security officer.

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