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I have some sensitive data. Where should I keep it?

UVM provides secure and reliable network storage for academic work, research, and business files. Saving confidential or sensitive information on desktop or laptop hard drives, or on tablets and phones, greatly increases the risks of loss and inappropriate disclosure. And information classified as critical or nonpublic (what the Information Security Policy calls “Protected University Information”) must not be stored on external services without a contract protecting the University’s interests, approved by the Information Security Officer.

The easy-to-use webfiles.uvm.edu and sharepoint.uvm.edu are the best places for most of your files. The College of Medicine provides storage for its faculty and staff. You can get to your files wherever you happen to be, and they’re backed up daily. When web-based file management doesn’t meet your needs, there are other convenient ways to use and manage your UVM network storage.

To meet security, legal, and policy requirements (such as HIPAA), other storage options are more appropriate for some types of sensitive or confidential information. Contact the Information Security Operations Team at iso@uvm.edu for advice.

Published by Dean

Dean Williams is UVM's information security officer.

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