UVM's Information Security Operations Team answers "Why?" Why?security

“Why security?”

It’s the eleventh hour. You’ve been working on a project for months. Maybe it’s a grant application. It’s all coming together: people; facilities; legal; technology. Suddenly, someone steps in and says, “Wait a minute: Have you considered information security?”

Or maybe you have a favorite online service you’d really like to use to manage some aspect of your UVM life. You already know how to use it; you’ve already arranged your workflow around it; you need a little technical help to make it work just right. Then your tech-savvy helper says, “I think we should ask the information security people about this…”

UVM’s Information Security Office and Operations Team are charged with helping all university units protect the institution’s information. It’s our job to enable all our constituents to make informed decisions about technology products, services, and techniques by helping decision makers understand real risks to UVM. We’re not here to say, “No.” We’re here to ask, “How?” and then assist you in finding answers.

On this site, we hope to share our answers to the “whys”, and we’ll probably start with the ones we’re asked most often. There will almost certainly be other answers, some of them contrary, in many cases. We invite you to engage us directly by sending your comments to iso@uvm.edu.

Additionally, if there is a question you would like to see answered here, please email it to  iso@uvm.edu.



Sam Hooker, for the Information Security Operations Team

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