On Tradition and Thankfulness…

Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to express appreciation for all of the things that are too easy to take for granted the rest of the year. Many families have a tradition of sharing one thing they are thankful for and at our table it is sometimes mushy and sentimental but more often funny and light-hearted. Whatever the tone of this annual sharing, the food is waiting and I have time for only a brief summary of what is in my heart. So here are a few groups that I am very thankful for that might not get airtime at dinner tomorrow…There will be a slice of pie raised in your honor in our house tomorrow!

  • Consumers. Especially those that care about buying locally produced goods and services.
  • Farmers’ Market Managers. They are heroes in my book, juggling a thousand details to keep the markets operating, working crazy hours for little to no compensation.
  • My Extension colleagues. They are a dedicated bunch, and pretty darn smart too!
  • People who disagree with me. These people give me opportunity to test my assumptions, hone my arguments and, occasionally, change my mind.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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