Session 3: Jan. 7


  • Check-ins
  • Discuss homework – review any questions and hot tips
  • Go through the  measurement selection two-step process:  voting, data criteria
  • How to create a data development plan
  • Final questions
  • Homework assignment



Assignment for 1/21 Session:

  1. As best you can, get caught up on prior readings and exercises:
    • Brainstorming and Read First half of Chapter 4 of When Trying Hard Isn’t Good Enough. (Click here for details)
    • If you feel daring, try the culling exercise to narrow down your brainstormed list, and start your data development plan.
  2. Submit work you’ve completed for Beth and Kate to review and offer suggestions. (Optional – and can be done at any time – send to
  3. Read the Second Half of Chapter 4 of When Trying Hard isn’t Good Enough – Page 81-101 and Appendix E “Turn the Curve Exercises for Population Well Being and for Program Performance.”