The Toxicology Mentoring and Skills Development Training Program

The Toxicology Mentoring and Skills Development Training Program (ToxMSDT), housed at the University of California Davis, is a special opportunity for underrepresented undergraduate students to participate in a year-long mostly remote toxicology training and mentoring program. Funded by the National Institute of Health, the goal of this program is to attract diverse undergraduate students from around the United States to pursue careers in biomedical research, especially in the field of toxicology. Successful applicants will be teamed with a mentor meeting remotely throughout the year. Activities include the program kickoff workshop hosted by the University of California Davis, a visit to the mentor’s work site, in-person attendance at the annual Society of Toxicology meeting, and a capstone celebration of the program’s successes hosted by Tuskegee University. Online learning modules are provided throughout the duration of the program to increase the mentee’s knowledge about toxicology. Travel cost support for programmatic activities will be provided by ToxMSDT. This program supplements the regular academic pursuits of students. The start date is August 16, 2024, with the end date of May 31, 2025

Applications are open from January 8, 2024, until April 26, 2024. Access the application portal here: ToxMSDT- Appy Here

Eligibility Requirements:

Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
Completion of at least one semester of general biology and general chemistry
Enrolled in an accredited undergraduate institution at the time of application, with continuing enrollment for the next academic year concurrent with the ToxMSDT program
Member of a group underserved in the biomedical sciences (more information can be found here: disadvantaged backgroundsNIH notice)
US citizen or US permanent resident
Due to institutional requirements, we encourage applications from fully vaccinated COVID-19 individuals only (information on vacation requirements can be found here)

For more information, please reach out to La Cole Blackshire,

Program to Advance Training in Health and Science (PATHS)– Yale University

The Program to Advance Training in Health and Science (PATHS) is a 10-month virtual initiative that provides undergraduate students or recent graduates with a transformative learning experience to support their goal of applying for and earning an MD, MD/Ph.D., or Ph.D. in biomedical sciences. This is a great opportunity for students from underrepresented groups who are (1) two years out from applying to an MD, MD/Ph.D., or a Ph.D. program in the biomedical sciences (applying in 2025 for matriculation in 2026) and (2) who may lack similar programs or resources at their institutions. Feel free to share this email and flyer/brochure among interested students and organizations.

Students will be divided into three tracks according to the advanced degree (MD, MD/Ph.D., and Ph.D.) they are committed to pursuing. Each advanced degree track will have 20 students, for a total of 60 students in the entire cohort.

All students will have the following benefits and expectations: 
Trainings – Monthly online workshops and conversations about topics related to preparing for and applying to MD, MD/Ph.D., or Ph.D. degree programs
Mentoring Program – Be mentored by current MD, MD/Ph.D., or Ph.D. candidates at Yale School of Medicine (YSM)
Opportunities & Community of Support – Become part of a supportive network of peers and role models and receive regular notices about professional and career advancement opportunities at Yale and beyond.

The application period closes March 28th, 2024, and the program runs from August 2024 to May 2025.  For more information about the program and to apply please visit our website:

Any Questions? Please feel free to contact us at