Monthly Archives: September 2014

Democrats and the exurbs

So the argument is that Democrats have the big cities, Republicans have the exurbs and rural areas. But that brings us back to the “what’s the matter with Kansas?” argument: if Dems actually offered something useful to folks in rural areas — e.g., health care, real support for veterans — those folks might see a reason to vote Democratic. Bernie Sanders does well in rural areas in Vermont, and not just with the hippies. Who besides him is thinking about this?

Thanks to demographics, the Republicans have a virtual stranglehold on the House of Representatives.

Dear Dems: vision, please

Dear U.S. Democratic Party,
I get it that we should all be worried about the Republicans taking over the Senate in November, and that you need money to fight the Kochs. But in all the 10,000 emails I’ve gotten requesting money for the fight, there’s been hardly any mention of what you are fighting FOR, only constant fear mongering about crazy right wingers. I’m with you, I really am, but you really should offer us a positive vision alongside the dire warnings. (The exception is Zephyr Teachout; you could learn something from her campaign for NY gov.)