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I hope everyone is enjoying the snow in the middle of April. With the weather outside, it’s hard to believe that the semester will be over in a few short weeks. Speaking of the end of the semester, if anyone’s availability needs to change for any reason, let me know. For Co-op tutors, we can cancel or modify availability; for Campus-wide tutors, we can modify and eliminate the frequency with which we distribute your contact information. Sooner is always better than later!

Officially, our LAST day of tutoring will be Wednesday, May 1st. Subject area tutors CANNOT submit any time worked after the last day of classes. Keep this in mind, and help students to plan accordingly.

We still have pending tutor requests for the semester. If you can help with any of these courses, let me know:
GERM 052, NR 140, NFS 033, MLRS 255, ARTH 146, CHEM 131, ASCI 110, STAT 231, EC 135, CDAE 102, FREN 280, BIOL 196, PRNU 196

Sunday is another deadline for payroll submissions. Be sure to have TutorTrac and PeopleSoft submissions up to date. Let me know if you have any issues. Enjoy your weekend!


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