Indigenous Peoples’ Day Statement

On Indigenous People’s Day, we commemorate centuries of indigenous resistance to settlement and land theft since Columbus’ landing on October 12th 1492 and subsequent attempts at the occupation of Taino and Carib lands and the enslavement of their people. We condemn the continued oppression of the First Nations of the Americas, especially the funding of the Black Snake Keystone Pipeline through Sioux lands in South Dakota. The struggle against settler-colonialism, extraction and exploitation spans many miles and centuries, from Palestine to the Americas and in all the lands presently and formerly colonized. SJP stands in solidarity with the Abenaki, Navajo, Lakota, and all the peoples who survived the 300+ years of Columbus’s legacy of ethnic cleansing until today and abides by a constructive vision for reparations and decolonization for the internally repressed nations of the United States, Canada and all remaining settler regimes. There is no such thing as a conquered people. Existence is resistence. Free the Americas!