Measurement of RAFT Outcomes: the TARP

Thank you for taking the time to conduct this survey known as the Tool to Assess the RAFT Protocol (TARP) with all RAFT participants. All participants present during the RAFT conversation should complete this survey prior to RAFT AND 3-6 weeks after.  

Feedback from RAFT participants is essential and will help ensure an understanding of how RAFT impacts relationships between families and school personnel.

Please explain the survey instructions carefully to all participants, including family members and school personnel, before beginning the survey. This will help everyone understand the purpose of the survey and what is expected. This survey is designed to show how relationships change between families and school personnel before and after RAFT.

To have accurate information about how well RAFT is working, please encourage all participants to answer honestly, even if they feel the urge to honor the other participants by answering more positively than their actual experiences. This will help ensure accurate results. 

Participants should be aware of any biases, positive or negative, that they may have that could affect their responses.

Participants should consider all response options for each item before selecting an answer.

Participants who require translation of this survey may complete this survey with a translator as long as the translator is a neutral party that will not affect the participant’s answers. Software may be available for translation, as well, but has not been checked by this research team.

Responses to this survey are anonymous and confidential: the only people who will see the responses to this survey are the researchers who designed it and the school district personnel who are responsible for its use.  No names or contact information will be collected through the use of this survey.

For any questions about using the TARP or to gain access to this survey for your school district, please email for a secure survey template dedicated to your school district.