Welcome to the Introductory Psychology blog. One of the primary goals of Psyc 001 at UVM is to introduce students to the ways in which psychologists try to understand behavior. We believe that whether you continue on in psychology or not, understanding how to critically analyze what you read and hear will make you a more informed consumer of psychology. In this blog, I’ll be posting reflections on the discussions we had during class. I’ll offer clarification and expansion of the points we covered. And I’ll give a preview of what’s to come.

However, the material in this blog is all optional. My advice is to subscribe to it via either the RSS or the e-mail options (details below).

What the heck is a blog? Blogs are kind of like newspapers on the internet but with scrollbars instead of pages. The main page of a blog will have the last 10 or so latest entries and usually some way of getting to older entries. On this blog we use both categories and more specific tags which are in the sidebar. There is an archive by month in case you want to look for something that was mentioned during a certain month. There’s also a search engine in case you’re just trying to see when a certain phrase was used in entries.

Here’s a few pointers for getting around the blog:

Categories – You may notice that some category names aren’t highlighted. They’re not broken, just empty. Once there’s entries in a category the link will work properly. By clicking on a category you will be brought to a page with all of the entries in the category organized from most recent to least recent. If you don’t see an entry that was at the top previously just scroll down. To get back to the main page just click on main at the top of the page.

Tags – During the semester you’ll notice that entries are tagged with special keywords. In order to see all of the entries that include a certain tag, just click on the tag word in the tag cloud located in the right side bar. If you’re looking for more specific information click on one of the tags. This will bring you to a page with all of entries with those tags organized from most recent to least recent. Just click main at the top of the page to get back to the main page.

RSS feed – Updates are going to happen fairly regularly. That doesn’t mean you have to continually refresh the page to know about updates. Instead you can sign up for the RSS feed (right sidebar) and can add the feed to your personalized homepage on google, yahoo, or just have a live bookmark of the site. Think of it as blog reading for the busy college student.

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