I just want to remind people of some things on the web that may help with really understanding this material.

First, don’t forget the online lectures, especially for these chapters:

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

They contain some interesting video segments. Easy to find. We saw some of them in class. In particular, I hope you take a look at the part where Robert Ader is interviewed, talking about conditioned immunosuppression in rats.

Second, if you think you want more more more of Phil Zimbardo, the whole Discovering Psychology series is available here.

Also — and apologies that this is a bit late — I had mentioned a video segment about a child who’d brain surgery as a treatment for a debilitating seizure disorder. You can see it (via YouTube) here.

What’s up next

As I hinted about in the announcement on Blackboard, I think that this research showing a transfer effect from working-memory training to crystallized intelligence is a pretty big deal. Once more, the online lecturehas lots of good advice, especially about how to tackle your first journal article.

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