Grow More Conservation Outreach Workshop

WHEN: Nov 17, 2022 from 9am-4pm, DoubleTree Hilton, 870 Williston Rd, South Burlington

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The “Grow More” Approach: Improving Outreach by Leveraging Social Science
To support sustainable agriculture and conservation outreach efforts, National Wildlife Federation has developed the Grow More training approach. The central goal of this effort is to more directly ground conservation outreach in the best understanding of decision making and behavior change science. By basing outreach strategies in proven methods that influence conservation decisions, and the myriad factors that influence these behaviors, we aim to increase the impact of outreach efforts across the country. Put simply, the aim is to grow more: more cover crops, more conservation practices, a more diverse array of crops and livestock, and the conservation leaders that promote these approaches.
This flexible training approach is targeted at professionals and leading farmers who seek to increase the impact of their conservation outreach. The training is structured as a workshop, where trainees come together to learn from experts and each other. NWF provides some training modules that introduce participants to the basics of behavior change, outreach messaging and framing, and outreach planning tools. These workshops can be crafted to meet the specific needs of trainees, including the resource and geographic context as well as time and venue constraints.
The core training is broken down into easily digestible modules. These training lessons build on each other, beginning with basic social science principles, then progressing through more specific examples, and ending with participants being able to reflect and apply the lessons in their own outreach needs.
Key lessons include: 1) Basics of Behavior Change, 2) Culture and Social Norms, 3) Outreach Messaging, 4) Framing Your Outreach, 5) Outreach Planning and Preparing Speakers, and 6) Planning Evaluation Tools.

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