The results are in! 2021 Organic Corn Silage Variety Trial

The University of Vermont Extension Northwest Crops and Soils Program conducted an organic silage corn variety trial in 2021 to provide unbiased performance comparisons of commercially available varieties. To determine varieties that are best suited to this production system and our region’s climate, we evaluated 14 commercially available organic corn silage varieties from 2 companies

Heather Darby discussing on-farm research with a field day crowd.

Varieties ranged significantly in terms of yield, quality, and digestibility.  These differences can have notable impacts on herd health, milk production/yield, and your bottom line as a farmer, which is why selecting the variety you plant is crucial to achieve optimal results.  With a changing and increasing volatile climate, farmers need to know which varieties may perform better in dry drought conditions and which may perform better in wet conditions to make management decisions for their local weather patterns on their fields. 

Read the full 2021 Organic Silage Corn Performance Trial report linked here.

All research reports are posted to the Research Results tab of our website. Check back there as we post more reports from the 2021 field season this winter!

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