Article on Regulations and the Manufacturing of Hemp Products

Curious about the differentiation between hemp and marijuana, specific regulations for manufacturers, and/or important terminology for cannabis? Check out Omar A. Oyarzabal’s recent article titled, ‘Regulations and the Manufacturing of Hemp Products’. Omar is the founder of Safe Food Team, LLC and is also a member of the National Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria for Foods, a Certified Food Safety and Quality Auditor (American Society for Quality) and a Food Processing Authority. Omar is also a Lead Instructor for: 

Omar has taught food safety, bioinformatics, biostatistics, microbial risk assessment and management, and introductory HACCP classes for about 25 years before starting Safe Food Team, LLC. 

For more in-depth information on the manufacturing of hemp products from Omar, you can view the recording of a recent online presentation he gave for our 2021 Hemp Production Webinar Series at:  Manufacturing of Hemp Products: Types of Products, Regulations & Guidelines  

You can find this article and many other factsheets, bulletins, and articles of interest on the UVM Extension Northwest Crops and Soils Program’s Industrial Hemp webpage

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