Interested in Trying Cover Crop Interseeding?

The University of Vermont Extension Northwest Crop and Soils Team recently received a grant to work with farmers to adopt cover crop interseeding.  Our team is seeking out interested farmers in the Champlain Valley and Northeast Kingdom to try interseeding this season. What is interseeding? Interseeding is a method of planting seeds in between rows […]

Be on the lookout for Powdery Mildew

Be on the lookout! Keep an eye on your cucurbits for powdery mildew!   Powdery mildew is a very common disease on cucurbits (cucumbers, zucchini, squash, melons). Powdery mildew is likely to first appear within a month and continue throughout the season. This video shows the identification, life cycle, and scouting technique, and describes biofungicide options […]

On the Lookout for Smut!

This season the NWCS team is interested in collecting smut infected grain heads with a goal of identifying all smut disease that are present in the Northeast. We are looking for farmers to notify us if they spot smut in their small grain fields. Smuts are one of the easiest grain diseases to spot in […]