Farmer’s Meeting on Cover Cropping and Reduced Tillage

Sediment Abatement Project for Rock River and St.Albans Bay

Friday, January 28th

Swanton House of Pizza meeting room – Rt.78 downtown Swanton Village
10:30 am to 1 pm


Slideshow and discussion of fall cover cropping activities
–    Impact of seeding date on cover crop establishment in 2010
–    Spring termination of cover crop strategies – roller/crimper, spray, tillage
–    Review of most cost-effective strategies for local soil types and conditions
–    Short-season corn varieties
–    Observations of reduced tillage plantings
–    Addressing compaction through subsoiling or tillage radishes

Presenters include:

–    Heather Darby, Ph.D., University of Vermont Extension
–    Brian Jerose, WASTE NOT Resource Solutions

Noon – Lunch Provided – Farmer Peer Discussion

Planning for Spring 2011

–    Interest in strip-till, zone-till, no-till and subsoil implements
–    Opportunities for critical area seeding, manure injection/incorporation
–    Conservation tillage trials with UVM Extension
–    Other sediment abatement practices of interest – grassed waterways

Publications available free to farmer participants: Managing Cover Crops Profitably, Steel in the Field, Building Soils for Better Crops and other handouts

Support for this workshop provided by: Friends of Northern Lake Champlain (FNLC) via a Vermont Dept. of Environmental Conservation Grant for Sediment Abatement in the Rock River and St.Albans Bay watersheds, UVM Extension and the Franklin-Grand Isle Counties Farmers Watershed Alliance (FWA).
For more information and to RSVP for lunch please contact:
Brian Jerose, WASTE NOT Resource Solutions
(802) 933-8336 or email

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