First day of biking – by Bridget

June 3, 2024

Hello! What a Monday we had. We started off by having some lovely breakfast back at the hostel, preparing to begin our first long biking day! While originally we were supposed to visit a wastewater energy plant, the visit unfortunately had to be cancelled due to an emergency on site, not allowing us to visit. So, we had the day to take our time preparing and biking to Amersfoort. 

After breakfast we prepared our panniers, the bags that attach to our bikes to hold our clothes and items, and as we were packing ran into unfortunate news that the hostel would not hold our luggage for the time we were on the road. Luckily enough, however, the bike rental company was able to provide some room, but not for all fourteen of our suitcases. So, with some help from our smart minds (and engineering majors) we were able to compile fourteen suitcases into seven, allowing us to store the suitcases at the other location. This proved to be quite the team bonding event and was the highlight of multiple of our days.

After some more transporting of luggage and whatnot, the biking began! We left Amsterdam and began the 54km trek to Amersfoort. 

The trip started off great, with sightings of sheep right off the bike path, which was an exciting sight to see for us all. 

While the couple of hours of biking proved to be a bit challenging as the group got used to biking together for the first time, in the end we did a great job.

The countryside we biked through was beautiful, and the burgers we ate at the end were highly earned. Ready to bike & learn more tomorrow!

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