Experimental genomics scripts and protocols

Please visit our lab github page for data analysis and visualization code associated with published papers and our lab wiki for other wet and dry lab protocols.

Simple fool’s guide to population genomics via RNAseq: An introduction to high-throughput sequencing data analysis: Online guide and updated scripts

You may cite the work as follows: De Wit P, Pespeni MH, Ladner JTBarshis DJ, Seneca F, Jaris H, Overgaard Therkildsen N, Morikawa M and Palumbi SR (2012) The simple fool’s guide to population genomics via RNA-Seq: an introduction to high-throughput sequencing data analysis.  Molecular Ecology Resources 12, 1058-1067.

Also check out our invited review and synthesis on SNP genotyping and population genomics from expressed sequences – current advances and future possibilities De Wit P, Pespeni MH and Palumbi SR (2015) Molecular Ecology 24, 2310-2323

Communicating Science

COMPASS tools and their Message Box (and another version)

How to Give a Killer Presentation by Chris Anderson of TED Talks.

Tips for Communicating Science by Maddalena Bearzi.

AAAS website for Communicating to Engage

Commonly requested data files

Population allele frequency data from larval selection in experimental acidification

Purple sea urchin, Strongylocentrotus purpuratus, BiomineralizationGeneList

Other data sets published in the Dryad repository

Career related resources for graduate students and postdocs

Spencer Hall at Indiana University has an excellent compilation of resources.