Longest bus trip yet

Today I went farther that I have to date guided by my trusty Google Maps ap. The destination was Johnsonville which is on the northwest side of Wellington, past Khandallah and my favorite name: Kaiwharawhara. Being a little phonics challenged, I’m appreciative when the syllables repeat themselves.

Here are a couple of things that I have noticed from my time in waiting rooms: No one wears white coats, the GPs “room” there own patients and the nurse consultation rooms are usually right off the waiting room.

The best thing about my bus ride today was the second practice that I visited was on the other end of the #1 bus route. A 51 minute straight shot to a lovely little beach neighborhood. Bonus – it was a double decker bus. Of course I had a picnic lunch and then my snack treat – a flat white and Anzac biscuit. During my snack break, I watched a procession of school kids heading for the beach with their hats and towels and teachers. It seems a bit chilly to me but there they go. I’m starting to love my routine here.

School kids heading for the beach – all have hats on and it’s about 65 degrees!
A flat white and an Anzac biscuit while watching the school kids past by to go to the beach.

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