Ready To Go

by Grayson Glosser, IRES UVM Participant

It’s game time. Everything is packed, my very loud alarm is set, and I am ready to leave. I’m excited, there’s a mountain of work that is ahead, a culture that is polar opposite, food I have never tried, and a language I don’t speak, and I cannot wait. I am a home-body. I’ve spent my whole life close to home, I didn’t go that far for college … and now this. So lets see how this goes, but before that, there’s a really long day ahead of me.

With fellow IRES students the day before departure, purifying molecules in the Whalley Lab. From left to right: Chris Popham (Princeton) Adam Dyer (UVM-Grad), Grayson Glosser (UVM), Daniela Fontecha (NC State) and Georgia Babb (UVM)