April Update

When I visited my site this week, I did not discover any flowers pushing up yet. However, the ferns were noticeable for the first time in a while, particularly the Christmas Fern. It was quite muddy at my site as a result of all the rain we have had recently. The majority of trees on my site are Eastern White Pine and Eastern Hemlock, so they have been green all winter. The Yellow Birch and Red Oak have not yet begun to grow leaves; they still seem to be in the bud stage. My site was unusually quiet during my visit. Usually I can hear lots of bird activity. On my way through Centennial, I saw Northern Cardinals and Black-capped Chickadees, as well as hearing Brown Creeper, Song Sparrow, and White-breasted Nuthatch, but my site itself was quiet. There was evidence of animal activity at my site, as I came across droppings from a White-tailed Deer. The sketch I have included is of a large Eastern White Pine that fell over, and the young Yellow Birch growing out of the base of it.

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