November has arrived

It’s a new season in Centennial Woods and once again rapid changes are occurring.

During today’s visit to Centennial I drew out an event map of some striking features in the landscape as I made my way towards the site.

The site at Centennial Brook has transformed recently due to a combination of seasonal changes- temperature drop, etc., and the huge amount of rain the area has gotten over the past few weeks.

The brook itself has a higher water level than before, and when looking closer at the sandy shore it’s clear that much erosion has occurred and the rain has been washing this sediment into the brook. I think this photo captures some of the effect:

At the edge of my site further into the forest things look fairly unchanged since it is so evergreen dominant, but in general there is much more leaf cover and decomposition occurring everywhere around the site.

I did spot two small fish swimming in the brook today, which was a first! I’ve never gotten to see any life in the brook before although I check thoroughly with each visit.

Next are some more pictures capturing the current state of the site and an original poem reflecting on the changes.


Someone has come in the night and turned down the saturation.

Leaving the landscape monotonous brown.

The grasses are dried out, crunchy stiff.

When the breeze comes dry leaf against dry leaf makes a kind of haunting wind chime.

For the ground has sucked the life out of the plants, perhaps out of envy and a want to also feel the touch of the fresh air.

But now she is simply waterlogged.

Brook higher than before, muddy and murky.

Two fish are spotted, heads pointing towards the lazy current.

They too seem ready to tuck themselves in for sleep.