The leaves have fallen, and so has the snow

Friday, November 16, 2018, 7:50 am

Weather: Snowing

Snow cover: 5-6 inches

Birds seen at this spot: Carolina Wren, American Crow, Black-Capped Chickadee

Birds seen nearby: American Robin, American Goldfinch (heard)

This morning the first major snowstorm of the season hit the Centennial Thicket, dropping over half a foot there. This was the second snow event to hit; the first hit on Tuesday and two inches fell. The trees looked very different compared with my last visit almost two weeks ago. The Black Walnuts have now lost all of their leaves, and it seems like the Red Oak only has about half of its leaves left, which are now brown and wilted.


As for birds, a few still seemed to be out during the snowstorm. The resident Carolina Wren scuttled across the path, feeding among the snow-covered shrubs. Chickadees were active as usual in their large feeding flocks. I also found footprints at the edge of the spot (as well as deeper in the woods) that looked to be a few hours old. Based the shape, size, and spacing of the prints, I think they may have been made by a deer.

Meanwhile, I was trudging around covered in a fresh layer of snow!

Me after less than an hour outside


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